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Metal Art & Powder Coating


Please contact us if anything is of interest to you or you have an idea for your own custom product.
Please keep in mind that if you don't see quite what your looking for,  WE CUSTOMIZE!!!! We can do just about any color. We can also add a clear coat to just about anything to add that extra gloss!
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Coat/Bridle Hooks 

  Our Coat/Bridle hooks are approx 24 inches long with 3 hooks made from horseshoes and made from 12 gauge steel. these will be around for years..great in your tack rooms, hall way for your coats.
Most are shown in the penny vein or rust colors, some are in black.








These are our pleasure horses shown in Penny Vein.

Pleasure Horse Hanger $60.00
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 This is our Halter Horse (Appaloosa)  Shown in Black.
Also comes in Quarter Horse or Paint Horse

Halter Horse Hanger $60.00
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This is our Paso Fino, shown in Rust.

Paso Fino Hanger $60.00
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English Riding Horse Hanger shown in black 
English Riding Horse Hanger $60.00
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 These are our reiners shown in Penny Vein.

Reiner Hanger $60.00
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Bull Riders shown in rust.

Bull Rider Hanger $60.00
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These are our team penners shown in silver vein.
We do this in penny vein, rust, or black.


 Team Penner Hanger $60
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These are single horseshoe hooks that have been powder coated. Made out of 14 gauge steel and 1/2 of a horse shoe. Will last a long time. Great for holding your tack in the barn, trailer, or even on the bathroom door for your robe. 

 Single Horseshoe Hooks $25
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Barrel Racer-Girl



















Barrel Racer-Boy








Halter Horse







Appaloosa Pleasure-Girl


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These are made out of 14 gauge steel. It is all one piece with a bent hook and lighter than the 1/2 shoe single hook but still very strong.





Shooter $15
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 Bent Single Hook Pleasure- Lady $15







 Bent Single Hook Trail-Man $15




You can order these with the different art that is shown in the other hooks. Just send us an e-mail.


 24" Bent Hook $40
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This one was custom made for a Quarter Horse show award. It is 24 " long. You can order this with your horse's name, farm name or Gordyville USA just like you see here. If you want a name, you can add a note during checkout or just email us what name you want. 






 24" Stall Hanger$40.00
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