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Metal Art & Powder Coating

Please contact us if anything is of interest to you or you have an idea for your own custom product.
Please keep in mind that if you don't see quite what your looking for,  WE CUSTOMIZE!!!! We can do just about any color. We can also add a clear coat to just about anything to add that extra gloss.
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 Holder is 16 1/2" across and 9 1/2 " tall. Cups and spoons are stainless steel



 Measuring Cup Holder
WITH Cups & Spoons $45

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WITHOUT Cups & Spoons $35










This is our small table lamp made with real horseshoes and cast iron spurs. 12"


 Small 12" Lamp $45
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Outlet Covers





             Cowgirl Outlet Cover $8



             Pleasure Horse Outlet Cover $8 

                 Pole Bender Outlet Cover $8

            Cowboy Outlet Cover $8
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               Wild Horse Outlet Cover $8


               Barrel Racer Outlet Cover $8






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