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December Newsletter

 Hi Everyone,

Here we are again and another year is gone. We had a fun year. Randy and I have been to some really great shows including October Fest,  Americian Ranch Horse World Show and the Mustang Makeover(wow you need to see that if you haven't yet),  just to name a few. We have met alot of interesting people, and have even made new friends. Randy even won a raffel and we now have a   M D Barns round pen. A Q H A  Raffeled it off at the October Fest. This month we were able to see Chris Cox- now he's worth seeing! He is a real horseman and Randy and I both enjoyed him. He was at the Crossroad arena in Cloverdale IN. You should check out their web site. Now, we would like to thank all of our customers for letting us design art for them. We had some fun and interesting items. We will be going to some new places this year, so check out the Event page now and again. Randy and I are going over some new ideas to add to the web site, like lamps. This is still in the "thought" stage. Well, we hope you had a good 2009 and hoping you have an even better 2010. We really would like to hear from you. Oh! We now have a testimonial page! 
Again, THANK YOU!!!.
Randy and Brigitte Sellers

July Newsletter

 Hi Everyone,

Half the year is gone already and we hope that you are all handling the slow economy. I know that in our house hold and business, we have looked for ways to cut costs .. and this is the reason we're writing to you. We decided to do away with our land line phone. Our new contact numbers are 815 867-2303 shop and 867-2302 office. This will also help us to better serve our customers as we are often away at the shows. We hope you are all still getting out there because we hope to visit with you. In August we will be at the Northern Illinois Horse Fest in Belvidere, IL. Randy and I are going to run a 10% off special in August. You have to earn it. You need to tell us what page our add is on in the August The Horse Circuit News. For you non horse people, it's a horse newspaper. We have added new stuff, so check out the site.

Randy and Brigitte Sellers




 Hi Everyone,

Well, 2008 was an interesting year with all the historical events and economic upset. We were never sure what to expect when we went to the shows. We found that the equine and rodeo people were still out there doing their part to keep things going forward.

We met a lot of nice people this year and were able to create a lot of cool art . We want to say thank you to all of our customers. Its always a good feeling to know we have been able to create a product that represents our customer.

We want to invite you to visit our website and please feel free to leave us a comment .We are still building our site and adding new things. We look forward to seeing you at the horse fairs and other events. Check out our Event page to see where we will be.

We hope all of you have a great year to come!
Randy and Brigitte Sellers