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Metal Art & Powder Coating


Whether you need custom signs, welding or powder coating, we can do it all! Our prices are very reasonable, you cant beat the quality, our services are fast and the customer service is great! Please call Randy or Brigitte for a quote. 815-867-2302, 815-867-2303 (Shop), or email us slenterprise@yahoo.com

  • Plasma Cam- Plasma Cutter

    Once an image is uploaded into our system and the product designed, our computer-controlled plasma cutter begins cutting out the image. It literally takes seconds and can handle some pretty intricate detail! So, if you have a company logo or an image that you want turned into a sign, wall hanging, or anything else, then we are the people to see!
  • Powder Coating

    What is powder coating? Without getting too technical, it is one way to get a rust free durable finish on a metal product. Just like painting, but without the brushes and the sprays and the dips. Like I said, without getting too technical, this is what happens: At the beginning you start with a powder(which is the color of the paint that you want), It is electrostatically charged and projected through a gun onto the item you are painting. The powder is charged and clings to the metal. When the item is completely coated then you send it to the oven to be melted. After a certain amount of time has passed, you bring it out and after it cools and cures, you have a durable finish that is hard to chip, and wont rust. We can get just about any color that you are looking for. This is a technique fairly new to the painting world. It got its start around the 1960's.

    If you have something that you need powder coated, or just want it to quit rusting, we can help!

           Examples of colors of powder coats

          Rust Powder coat

          Penny vein Powder coat

  •   Welding
            About 50% of our products require welding. Almost everything is done with a wire welder.


  • Product Sales

    In addition to the custom work that we do, we love to create metal art. We keep a small inventory here at the shop. If we don't have it, we make it! Everything is created by the family, so you can be sure that your important items are taken seriously and carefully handled.
    One of our many coat/bridle hooks.
    Western Metal Art: Rope Design W/Texas Star & Twisted Rod Hook

  • Shipping

    We will ship many items within the continental U.S via UPS OR POSTAL  Customer pays shipping.

 Our shipping address:
  S and L Enterprises
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